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Texans Target The Dallas Federal Reserve (The 2nd American Revolution Has Begun)

Alex Jones speaks to the protesters of Occupy The Fed in Dallas at the Dallas Federal Reserve branch on Friday October 7th, 2011.


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Occupy "your hometown."

type that in, and see if there is a group near you. I did, and was very surprised to find a group already here! I joined and sent them this...


I have already received a positive response! if they go down the road, to the federal reserve....it will lead them to....
the good Dr! I am going to send this one next...


this is our turn to lead folk's. these people need direction, they are already motivated!

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Ron Paul ESPN sign bomb

There are a couple other videos on ESPN.com, but the Youtube version is easier to view and doesn't have ESPN ads. Check it out:


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Dallas Paul Supporters? Member search function?

Hello freedom lovers,

I am a relatively new member of the Daily Paul.
I'm sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place, but i figured it would get the most attention here.

Is there a way to search the Daily Paul members?
If not, I can understand why.

Anyways, I am looking for some people to get some activities going around the DFW area. I live South of Dallas and work near downtown. There aren't any true Ron Paul meetups in the area. I am considering paying to start one, but I would like to see if there is any support from the Daily Paul first.

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