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I Met Ron Paul!

So I just got back from the Constitution Day Celebration in Freeport Texas where....I met...Ron Paul!!!!!!!! Oh my god I'm still pinching myself! I have probably listened to every one of his speeches but something about him standing twenty feet away from me just left me completely enamored all over again. I was totally star struck! I'm officially resisting the urge to cover my car in Ron Paul bumper stickers and run out and get a RonPaul2012 tramp stamp. Just kidding... But seriously, this guy is the real deal.

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Long Knives taken to RP's 14th District.

So I have a photo of the NEW congressional district that RP would have had to run in 2012. But I can't seem to find a way to post it here to be viewed.

Almost the entire southern 2/3 of the CURRENT 14th have been redistricted into the new 27th, which is a large beast of a district, gerrymandered to include Corpus Christi but also Bastrop which is nowhere near Coastal Texas.

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