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Make legal weed, states Frank-Paul marijuana bill

Legalizing cannabis is a concept that will not soon go away. Bi-partisan legislation sponsored by Massachusetts's Rep. Barney Frank and Rep. Ron Paul of Texas tries to get rid of control over cannabis from the federal government's metal grip. According to Reason, states will then have the ability to choose on their own the best way to manage cannabis, including how to get tax profits. Source for this article - Frank-Paul pot bill seeks to legalize marijuana by

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You’re Going to Jail. The Criminalization of Everything.”

From Radley Balko's site:

I’ll be giving a “webinar” tonight for Students for Liberty. You can pour yourself a glass of bourbon and watch me blather on about stuff as if I were actually in your living room.

Title: “You’re Going to Jail. The Criminalization of Everything.”

Details here.

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Portugal drug use down 10%+ after decriminalization

Great video to show people who bash Dr. Paul for "wanting to legalize heroine". Drug use is down a whopping 10% and so are drug related infection rates etc.

I would have loved to see stats on crime rates, incarceration rates, gov spending related to drugs etc.

Still other sources say the abuse rate has dropped by as much as half!

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