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U.S. Had $1.3 Trillion Deficit in Fiscal 2011


WASHINGTON—The federal government recorded a $1.3 trillion budget deficit in fiscal 2011, the same as the previous fiscal year, the Congressional Budget Office said Friday.

In its monthly assessment of the government's finances, the nonpartisan congressional scorekeeper said the $1.3 trillion deficit was equivalent to 8.6% of gross domestic product, down from 8.9% in fiscal 2010 but still the third-highest percentage of GDP recorded since 1945.

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Ron Paul Campaign Issues Response to Obama's Jobs, Deficit Plan

"A $1.5 trillion tax hike will do nothing to help us out of this mess"

"Instead of raising taxes, this administration should cut corporate welfare, foreign welfare and end the trillion dollars overseas wars by bringing troops home.

"These would be sound policy actions, the kind that create prosperity and engender greater freedom. These are the kind of policies that a President Ron Paul will advocate for and institute to restore limited government principles and a strong America."

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Article about Destruction of the Middle-Class Mentioning Ron Paul

Afternoon fellow Ron Paul supporters!

I wrote an article on my financial blog about our economic woes and how the Fed, politicians and mega-corporations are eroding the middle-class and trade balance. At the end I mention that Ron Paul is the only candidate who gets it. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to pass it on!

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