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Fed Chairman Cain ran for President in 2000 (0 delegates)

He also ran for the Georgia Senate in 2004 and only received 26%.

He was the Senior advisor to the failed Dole/Kemp campaign..

So I think we can say he loses any office he runs for. RP has been elected over and over... Also RP got 35 delegates to Fed Chairman Cain's 0.

Just fyi

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Stop wasting your time and energy with the primary process. Become a delegate.

I went through the process last time and got to our state convention. It was rough. The establishment lied, cheated, stole, and bent rules to their own ends.

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Where to get started.

Good simple article on where to start and how to start. It is not too late. If you want Ron Paul to get the nomination, here is your starting point.

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Florida Primary Info and Delegate Count

This is an email I received from Paul Senft, Republican National Committeeman From Florida.


Why Moving Florida's Presidential Primary

To January 31, 2012 Hurts Our State

As was outlined unanimously by all the commentators on Fox News at 6PM – It makes no sense for Florida to move up to January and blow up the Presidential Primary Calendar. They all agree that we will be the first large and diverse state to go and with our full complement of delegates we will be more significant.

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I'm not finding good info to become a delegate. I keep getting referred to a blog that is lengthy and vague. I am a busy mom and I need clear step by step info to become a delegate. I am in Arizona.

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"One campaign paying thousands for list of delegates"

This is from a Q and A in a Washington Post Article: The Florida P5 weekend (and straw poll) explained

"Is there a lot of money involved? Not really. Unlike the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa last month, delegates pay their own registration fees and book their own hotels. In past cycles, candidates have courted the delegates with expensive events, but this time around there’s been little high-profile campaigning. That said, the Florida GOP says at least one (unnamed) campaign has paid thousands of dollars for a list of delegates."

Link to article

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The official beginning of "Operation 50 States" on the Daily Paul!

I now introduce to you:

"Operation 50 States" is a little plan a few of us here on the DP decided to put together to help all of us Paul supporters across the nation. The whole idea is to find at least ONE Daily Pauler from EACH state and have that person fill us in with as much information as possible in regards to the primary and caucus processes for their state. Other useful information will be quite valuable as well. (our support numbers, meet-up group participation, campaign strategies, obstacles, etc).

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How do I become a delegate

How do I become a delegate in my state in order to help Ron out in the primary?

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I am no longer going to moderate the delegate training website :

I will no longer police the site, I will keep it up and running but it will no longer be moderated and cleaned up. It has become almost a full time job to keep porn and spam off the site and I have no desire to do it any longer considering no one is actually using it.

The site has been up for almost 6 months and only a handful of people have used it. There are now about 4 or 5 delegate websites up now that have been set up in the last few weeks to herd the group which in my opinion is only going to spread the numbers thin between several sites.

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How to become a delegate for Ron Paul in your state

I would like to use this topic to get information regarding how we can all become Ron Paul delegates in our states. what various state rules are and how we help Ron Paul get the Republican nomination. I am not 100% sure how it all works but it is my understanding it doesn't matter how much support a candidate has , if he does not have delegates then he does not have a chance.

How do we become delegates in our states? Who do we contact and what is the process?

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Washington State - Become a Delegate Today

If you live in Washington, you can make a significant impact TODAY in the 2012 caucuses simply by becoming a Precinct Committee Officer ("PCO").

As a PCO, you are an automatic delegate at the county conventions where your vote will have much more influence than the average voter. Washington has a three step caucus process and by becoming a PCO, you automatically move on to the second step while everyone else has to get themselves elected to the second step, which is much more difficult.

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Volunteers are needed for RP Delegate Training

We need a Ron Paul Patriot to step up and run a twitter account for the site,
We have an account, and its ready for action:

Should we fail to secure enough delegates for the caucus states, and votes in the primary states, Ron Paul will have lost the election! We can't have that happen! A twitter account with a strong leader would be ideal for spreading this vital information.

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Precincts 4 Paul Organize Collaborate Locally Help Elect Delegates in your Precinct, District, County, and State to Nominate RP!

My fiance and I have created a forum to focus specifically on organizing precincts to elect delegates for Ron Paul in caucuses and primaries around the country we have taken the time to make forums for each state, please register and post a topic under your state including your county and precinct. We will then either make you an admin so you can create subforums for your local area or we will go ahead and make the subforums for you to better organize ourselves Geographically.

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Wyoming - Become a Delegate Today

Any Wyoming Ron Paul supporters here?

Because of Wyoming's caucus system, less than 1,500 select individuals will decide which candidate will win the state's delegates.

To be 1 of those 1,500, all you need to do is become a Precinct Committeeman or Precinct Committeewoman ("PC"). As a PC, you automatically become a county convention delegate, who make up the 1,500 influential voters.

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