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Need some help with a letter to Senator Demint folks.

Susan usually helps me clean up my letters to insure the proper way of talking to individuals. I need your help in making this letter as appropriate as possible before I send it tomorrow. It is the CPA and professional in her. LOL, whether we agree or not she always helps.. Please help me clean it up and make it presentable to Senator Demint. Thanks everyone.


An Open Letter to Senator Demint

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Rick Perry to "Not Attend" Jim DeMint Forum due to Wildfires in Texas

(CNN) - Republican presidential candidate and Texas Gov. Rick Perry will not attend the Palmetto Freedom Forum of GOP candidates Monday night, sponsored by Sen. Jim DeMint, and will instead return to Texas to deal with the wildfires in the state, DeMint and the Perry campaign told CNN.

The South Carolina senator's office said they learned of Perry's plans not to attend the Columbia, South Carolina event Monday morning.

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Calling All Ron Paul Supporters! We Need Your Help! Labor Day Columbia, SC



PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Phone calls, etc.

South Carolina is first in the South for the Republican primary. So it is CRITICAL that we have HUGE numbers at these events!

If you live in SC, GA, NC, TN, FL or know someone who does, PLEASE ask them to make the trip to Columbia, SC this Monday, Sept 5th (Labor Day) to support Dr. Paul!

All of the details to these & other events are posted on the grassroots statewide meetup. If you want to stay informed of Ron Paul related activities throughout the state of South Carolina, please join our meetup asap.

We have a full day of events scheduled for Monday, Sept 5th (Labor Day):

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Ron Paul Needs You & 1,499+ More Supporters In Columbia, SC On Labor Day - Sept 5th! This is as IMPORTANT as Ames!


I’m writing you to personally invite you to join me at a Grassroots Rally in Columbia on Labor Day.

Can I count on you to be there?

You see, despite the best efforts of the Washington, D.C. political establishment and their allies in the national media, our message of liberty is resonating with the American people.

Today, national polls show me within striking distance of first place!

So this upcoming Labor Day is YOUR opportunity to show the strength of our movement in South Carolina.

You see, earlier on Labor Day, I will be a guest at a Presidential Forum from 3pm-5pm that Senator Jim DeMint will be hosting.

But instead of a normal debate, Senator DeMint will bring each candidate invited to the forum on stage for a 15-20 minute question and answer period.

As you can imagine, all eyes will be on Columbia that afternoon.

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Labor Day, Monday Sept 5th, be there!

Bachmann, Cain, Paul and Perry will attend DeMint’s Labor Day forum

Read more:

We need to have Columbia, SC swamped with RP supporters.

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