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My Twitter Conversation about Occupy Wall St.

The following was a very brief but enjoyable Twitter conversation I ended up in when I posted a somewhat trite one-liner in response to #OccupyWallStreet. I thought the way this person was speaking they were already a Paulian. You never know where things will go.

Note: I marked this person's Twitter account with [hidden] to protect their anonymity. Not that this is something that really exists in Twitter-space. It would take two seconds to find our entire conversation. Nevertheless, I felt weird mentioning this person's name.

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Unified Ron Paul Online Chat Experiment

Hello Daily Paul readers,

I have setup a simple chat client for people to try out. My intention, is to bring together supporters from across the Ron Paul sites to a central interactive discussion place. I have labeled this as an experiment, because I am not sure how it will work out. You can join using a simple web chat client by following this link: http://www.ronpaulirc.com

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Clarity vs. Hyperbole

I am becoming increasingly wary of the overly exuberant, confrontational and hyperbolic posts both here and on Facebook. Just watched a Jerry Doyle video and was embarrassed to see that so-called major supporters of Dr. Paul refer to others (such as Ms. Christine O'Donnell) as "nut jobs." Is this really something we want to recommend? Name calling??? Let us please shift our discussion to the level of integrity that Dr. Paul himself represents.

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'We The People' Part 2: Why are people afraid of Ron Paul?

I'm studying right now for the part 2 of the 'We The People' video, im trying to get a vibe of the trend and resistance we get from non Ron Paul supporters. So right now I'm studying why they support other candidates and why not ron paul. The focus of the second video won't be about supporters. We've squashed that in the first video. It's not about why big government or corporations doesn't support Ron Paul, it's about why We the PEOPLE do not support him.

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