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China to 'liquidate' US Treasuries, not dollars

This is the first time China has said it is going to "liquidate" U.S. Treasuries. You need dollars to buy up U.S. assets, not Treasuries. They will be standing in line with the bankers and will be ready when everything here is sold for a penny on the dollar. "The Great American Rummage Sale" will be coming to your community soon!

The debt markets have been warned.

A key rate setter-for China's central bank let slip – or was it a slip? – that Beijing aims to run down its portfolio of US debt as soon as safely possible.

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The Dead, the Dollars, and the Drones: 9/11 Era by the Numbers

A series of graphs that visually present the grim statistics of the decade since 9-11-2001:

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Liberty Dollar Owners BEWARE. Secret Service will confiscate

The feds have changed the rules. They will confiscate them and do who knows what to the owners. Remember that have confiscated all of von NotHaus's sales records:

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Ron Paul & Mike Maloney On Gold and Silver (Flashback)

Ron Paul has always been true to himself, principle and ideal. He explains to us the big picture how we affect the world by our monetary policy. And where we are heading. If we could have listen with him back in 2007. We will be in much better shape now and perhaps on our way to recovery. We still have so much thing to do as nation. The better we are informed the better our chances of changing our fate.

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