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Interview with Doug Wead , senior advisor for the Ron Paul for President campaign

Sam Antonio, producer of Liberty News Network, sits down with Doug Wead, senior advisor for the Ron Paul for President campaign at LPAC 2011 in Reno.

Doug Wead talks Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Ronald Reagan, McDonalds, and George Washington.

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This video was originally posted at on September 30, 2011.

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Doug Casey interview

Here is an interesting Doug Casey interview where he also talks about his opinion on RP 2012. There are some interesting points he makes.

Read here:

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How will they get rid of Ron Paul? - Doug Wead

Congressman Ron Paul, now third in national polls, passing Michelle Bachman, is throwing a wrench into the whole presidential contest. The insider establishment is divided over just how to respond. At stake are the unlimited treasures of the Federal Reserve. This private piggy bank of the American-Elite has been exposed by Dr. Paul’s relentless decade long campaign and its days of operating secretly may be numbered.

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Doug Stanhope

Just thought I'd share some great stand-up comedy with you.
He's pretty offensive, but one of the best.

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NBC's First read. Doug Wead points to Rand

Fair story about the neglect of Ron Paul after the Iowa Straw Poll. Doug Wead however raises an interesting option to say the least when asked about Ron Pauls age. His quote is in the last paragraph. Story:

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