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Ron Paul Scores With Born-Again Christians by Doug Wead

Ron Paul Scores With Born-Again Christians

Monday, 10 Oct 2011 09:47 AM

By Doug Wead

Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Michele Bachmann were there. So was Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. But Ron Paul stole the show at the Value Voters Summit.

Paul quoted from the Bible effortlessly moving in and out of scriptural texts to make his points. The speech was constantly interrupted by standing ovations.

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Ron Paul and the Occupy Wall Street protest by Doug Wead

Now what are all of those people doing camped out on Wall Street? Are they socialists? Commies? Anarchists? Left, right? For some reason the television news people don’t like them, which makes me sympathize. What’s going on?

I’ll explain.

Let’s say you are a young couple, newly married, anxious to get your piece of the American dream. And let’s say you decide to open your own hamburger stand.

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Doug Wead - Newsmax : The Conspiracy Against Ron Paul

Welp, at least someone will say it. Unfortunately you need to be a senior staffer of the campaign to be takin remotely serious.

[] I have never been much of a conspiracy theorist. My experience in the White House leads me to believe that a secret is currency that it is quickly spent. Some conspiracy theories have thousands of people in large organizations, operating with extraordinary discipline, keeping secrets for hundreds of years, a mathematical impossibility in my opinion.

Having said that, my lifetime of studying history informs me that conspiracies do happen and usually when a group of people feel threatened. And in case you were wondering, Ron Paul, the presidential candidate, is very likely the subject of a conspiracy. He is the man who has opened that door on the Federal Reserve.

The partial audit he prompted revealed that close to $16 trillion was doled out to Euro-American insiders and their corporations in 2008 alone. That is more than the entire national debt. It is a tax on every American and unless you are getting billions of that money yourself, you ought to be outraged and grateful to Ron Paul for figuring this all out.

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Doug Wead: How will they get rid of Ron Paul?

by Doug Wead

Congressman Ron Paul, now third in national polls, passing Michelle Bachman, is throwing a wrench into the whole presidential contest. The insider establishment is divided over just how to respond. At stake are the unlimited treasures of the Federal Reserve. This private piggy bank of the American-Elite has been exposed by Dr. Paul’s relentless decade long campaign and its days of operating secretly may be numbered.

It is a stunning turnaround for a political figure who only four years ago was regularly referred to as “loony.” In 2008, 74% of the American people did not know what the Federal Reserve was. A poll last year showed that 74% now agreed with Dr. Paul that this institution should be accountable and it should be audited.

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