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Ron Paul on the War on Drugs

Here's the latest analysis of Ron Paul's position on the war on drugs and legalization from the Practical Ethics blog at the University of Oxford:


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Ron Paul on the War on Drugs

This is the latest analysis of Ron Paul's position on legalization, from the Practical Ethics blog at University of Oxford:


Brian Earp
University of Oxford

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Ron Paul on Heroin/ War on Drugs

Here is the latest analysis of Ron Paul's position on legalization of drugs from the Practical Ethics blog at Oxford University:


Would love to see your discussion over on the blog ... what do you think?

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Video Update Minorities: "If you don't Support Ron Paul you're going to Get what you Deserve"

Powerful no holes barred Pronouncement by Minorities & Ron Paul on War, Discrimination, Drugs, War, Terror & You


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Old RP video

Not sure if this has been posted before but just saw this...RP video of him talking about war on drugs in 1988. Great response to the "zero tolerance" guy


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Ex pro-wrestler John Collado killed by NYPD plainclothes officer - another innocent vicim of the war on drugs

The war on drugs, which creates the problem it is tasked to defeat, claimed one more victim on Tuesday night when John Collado of New York jumped into what he saw as an attack on his neighbor and ended up being shot in the abdomen by a police officer who was pretending to be a civilian with a gun.

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How does a "Patriot Act"? Bachman should receive many copies of this article.

I think a campaign email flood for Bachman would be appropriate to show how much she really knows about the importance of the patriot act and the reality of how it is used. Be sure to check the graph half way down the page to give you an idea at who this legislation is aimed at. While some people might find it o.k. to use against drug users, the fact is that the patriot act is un-American and should be repealed with Obamacare.

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Portugal drug use down 10%+ after decriminalization

Great video to show people who bash Dr. Paul for "wanting to legalize heroine". Drug use is down a whopping 10% and so are drug related infection rates etc.


I would have loved to see stats on crime rates, incarceration rates, gov spending related to drugs etc.

Still other sources say the abuse rate has dropped by as much as half!


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Video: Anti-Ron Paul Subliminal Message in TV Show "Breaking Bad"

Subliminal message:

Ron Paul supporters like Meth. They are crazy. Don't be associated with them.


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