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Milton Friedman -- Why Drugs Should Be Legalized--Masterful!

In this 8-minute video Milton Friedman DEVASTATES drug prohibition and the war on drugs. This video makes Ron Paul's position SO understandable! I'd suggest spreading it widely.

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Oxford's Practical Ethics: Ron Paul is Right, Legalize Drugs

Writes Brian Earp:

Forget about “medical marijuana.” Isn’t it time to legalize heroin in the United States? Recreational cocaine? Ecstasy? LSD? How about the whole nefarious basketful of so-called ‘harder’ drugs?

Yes, it is, says Dr. Ron Paul, a fourteen-term libertarian congressman and obstetrician from the state of Texas. It’s a view shared by virtually none of his Republican colleagues, nor, for that matter, very many Democrats. Nor really anyone in the “mainstream” of American politics. But in this post, I’ll argue that he’s right.

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Norml, Vote Hemp, Mpp, LEAP

I emailed some of the the kind folks at Norml.org, mpp.org, Votehemp.com, and leap.cc(LEAP) to mention Ron Paul, and briefly, how he would help their causes.

If more DPrs can contact them, it could lead to more endorsements, or at least give Ron Paul's Marijuana, and Hemp legislation record more attention at their websites/Facebooks. That could end up reaching hundreds of thousands more potential RP voters...

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Mexico president likens cartel gangs to terrorists

Recently there was a new attack by gangs in Monterrey, Mexico at a casino where 52 people died. Calderon is now calling these gangsters terrorists. Below was another one of the Mexican's president Calderon's statements. Are these words falling on deaf ears? Will this country ever come to grips to change policy? Will they even have the debate?

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