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RAP NEWS 9 The Economy w. Ron Paul Peter Joseph -Is this an attack on Ron Paul?

I heard the kids like to listen to rap for for music, I don't understand it, sounds like I bunch of noise to me.

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Video: Trader admits Goldman ruling the world..warns to be prepared within the next 12 months

...My question is if they keep printing money though, he could be wrong about the 12 months, right? They could prolong this for years is my understanding...comments?

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90% of Americans say economy stinks

So, how can we use this headline to promote Ron Paul (suprisingly his name was not mentioned in the article)?

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Cut Congressional Pay Before Americans' Benefits

Politicians who want to cut Government spending should start right in their own office! Here is a White House petition to cut Congressional and staff pay before imposing cuts on average Americans. This petition should be considered a referendum on how Congress is doing! Please sign, Tweet, and post everywhere!

We petition the administration to cut Congressional and staff pay and benefits before asking average Americans to take massive cuts in services

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"Goldman rules the world" - says trader. BBC anchors shocked.

Video of a trader talking to BBC anchors and he is being quite open about the whole thing and says Governments cant do anything about it and dont rule the world. Goldman rules the world. Anchors shocked into silence !!
Amazing. Too much truth for them to handle !!

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Technocracy, Sustainable Development and the SMART Grid

Watch this highly researched and shocking explanation of SMART Meters and how they fit into "Technocracy" to totally control people. G. Edward Griffin says this very important topic will define our future. It is the origin of the present carbon-credit rationing scheme.

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Gold and CNN

I was working out today and got my over consumption of CNN International at the gym. One thing I noticed was that CNN was going out of its way to show the gold price. Before and after each commercial for the hour I was in the gym, they threw the price of gold up on the screen, nothing else, just GOLD and a huge red arrow pointing down. It was very strange. It definitely felt like they were cheer-leading the price down. Obviously the talk of the day was Greece, but it seemed the second fabricated "story" of the day was the gold price decline. It made me want to run and buy more....

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Solyndra and brother Biden

A well thought out and wonderful plan to support that 535 billion fiasco...strongly supported by a very happy VP

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Great Video - Their Plan and how Ron Paul is messing it up.

The beginning speech by Welch is fascinating.
Sounds like the playbook of the NWO...

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Monetary History

Sweden's Monetary History


Copper 1668-1709
Paper 1709-1719 Suspected bank panic
Copper 1719-1745
Paper 1745-1776 Suspected bank panic
Silver 1777-1789
Paper 1789-1803 IRREDEEMABLE notes issued by the Debt Office came out, pushed out Riksbank redeem notes
Silver 1803-1809

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CNBC Video - Peter Schiff : "Fed Will Turn to Q3 in Failed Bid to Prevent Economic Depression"

CNBC Video - Peter Schiff : "Fed Will Turn to Q3 in Failed Bid to Prevent Economic Depression"

Bernanke set to crank up printing presses once again
Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, September 22, 2011
Although mainstream financial analysts are all but certain that Ben Bernanke will now refrain from launching a third round of money printing, economist Peter Schiff told CNBC today that the unfolding global depression will force the Fed to resort to QE3 in a failed effort to prop up the plunging stock market.


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foxnews poll if anyone wants to vote.

Which GOP candidate would be best to fix the economy?

Ron Paul is only at 18%

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Peter Schiff On Alex Jones' Infowars Nightly News Discusses The Economy And Ron Paul's Campaign

In last night's live broadcast of Infowars Nightly News on Alex Jones interviews Peter Schiff on the direction of the economy, the failure of government stimulus to create jobs, what will happen in the future as these policies go forward, and the Ron Paul campaign including the smear attempts.

Added to youtube today September 21st, 2001

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Question about Military and Economy?

I was wondering if anyone can help me answer a question. I am aware of the amount of money we spend on the current wars and fully support Ron Paul and his efforts to bring the troops home immediately and to the end the senseless wars but I am curious if there as any idea what affect this would have on the economy. If we stop producing weapons, bombs, planes, vehicles, and everything else the military needs is there any sense of how that would impact the economy, jobs, etc?

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Doug Casey interview

Here is an interesting Doug Casey interview where he also talks about his opinion on RP 2012. There are some interesting points he makes.

Read here:

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