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The Rothschild’s and the American Economy

From Indoctrination Nation Blog:

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A wonderful video on the impact of Economic Freedom

I came across this short, but important and professional Ron Paul relevant video on youtube tonight. It is about 2 and half minutes long and discusses the benefits of having an economically free country. The first thing that came to mind when I saw it was of course, Ron Paul. Considering this is precisely the platform that our man endorses, I thought it would be nice to share on the DP for those that haven't seen it. It's fairly new, so I hope it hasn't been posted before or seen by everyone already. Let me know what you think!

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Krit Motor Car Company Michigan

I think the WWII Germans were guilty of copyright infringement as well

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The American Debt Crisis - YouTube Clip

The live discussion is over, but here is the clip on youtube if anyone is interested:

Doug Casey
Michael Maloney
Lew Rockwell
John Mauldin
David Galland
Oliver Garet
Bud Conrad
Terry Coxon

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Peter Schiff's Congressional Testiony 9-13-11

His opening statement begins around 31 minutes in. Good stuff!

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Rand Paul On Peter Schiff's Radio Show Discuss His Father's Campaign And The Economy 9/8/2011

I haven't seen if this interview was posted but despite being two days old of this posting its still relevant.

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G. Edward Griffin on Coast-to-Coast Tonight 10-11 PM PST (Sept. 7)

G. Edward Griffin writes:

I'll be on Coast-to
Coast radio Wednesday night
(the George Noory Show)
10 to 11 PM (pst) 2011 September 7

Topic? The economy tailspin and the Federal Reserve. If you stay up late, you may want to listen in – and invite your friends to do so.

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For those that wanna see what Lindsey Williams said 1986

Lindsey Williams on Jonathan May - Plans of the International Bankers for the World 1986.

Part 1

Part 2

part 3

Part 4

Part 5

A Pretty interesting presentation a long time ago. A faster pretty snappy Lindsey for those that think he nowadays is not getting to the point. Ron was also snappier in younger years.

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