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RT - Gerald Celente : "The Economy is Going to Get Much Worse" (Video)

RT - Gerald Celente : "The Economy is Going to Get Much Worse" (Video)

September 4, 2011
A recent report reveals that the US created zero new jobs last month. The last time this happened was in 1945. The unemployment rate is still at 9.1% and projected numbers for the next year show the average unemployment rate at about 9%. With these numbers, many Americans question if President Obama’s jobs creation plan, due to be unveiled next week, will have any effect on the economy. Gerald Celente, director at Trends Research Institute, helps us peer into the future.

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WikiLeaks : "China Buying Gold To Destroy The Dollars Worlds Reserve Status"

WikiLeaks : "China Buying Gold To Destroy The Dollars Worlds Reserve Status"

Wondering why gold at $1850 is cheap, or why gold at double that price will also be cheap, or frankly at any price? Because, as the following leaked cable explains, gold is, to China at least, nothing but the opportunity cost of destroying the dollar’s reserve status. Putting that into dollar terms is, therefore, impractical at best, and illogical at worst.

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Alex Jones Show - Bob Chapman : We Have Been In A 'Inflationary Depression' Since Feb. 2009."

Alex Jones Show - Bob Chapman : We Have Been in a 'Inflationary Depression' Since Feb. 2009."

Today, on the Alex Jones Show, Alex Talked with Bob Chapman, Former army counter intelligence officer and publisher of the #1 Economic Newsletter in the world, "The International Chapman said the United States has been in a 'INFLATIONARY DEPRESSION' since February 2009.

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POLITICO : "No Net Jobs Created in August" - We Need Ron Paul More Than Ever!

POLITICO : "No Net Jobs Created in August" - We Need Ron Paul More Than Ever!

The economy created no net jobs in August, falling well below economists' expectations that 75,000 new jobs would be added. The nation's unemployment rate remained unchanged at 9.1 percent, the Labor Department reported.

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An opportunity we can’t afford to miss

This article by Ezra Klein is quite disturbing. He is trying to convince everybody that the Federal Government should borrow money to invest in infrastructure. If what this article says is true, then my question to Mr. Klein is why shouldn't the Federal Government borrow $10Q(quadrillion)? I'm no sure how this all works, "I'm not an investor! Capt." So, if someone could refute this article it would be great, and definitely needed.

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Government and Job Creation

This is the latest Liberty Minute discussing my favorite question of late: "What would Ron Paul do to create jobs?"

If you like The Liberty Minute, please share it! As always, feedback (positive and critical) is welcome and appreciated.

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The American Dream

This is one of the very best videos I've seen that explains what is going on with the fed and the economy. It's long but it is worth watching. I think if we could figure out a way to get people to watch it, they would understand better what is happening.

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Foxs News Front Page - Paul: Bernanke Is Out of Options to Save Economy

Chairman Ben Bernanke is not calling for another fix to the economy by the Federal Reserve because he's already used up all the quivers in the Fed's bow, Rep. Ron Paul said Sunday.

Paul is a 2012 Republican presidential candidate and supports the U.S. returning to the gold standard to protect its currency and force a balanced budget. He has been highly critical of the Federal Reserve and its chairman over plans for "quantitative easing," a two-part program which flooded the market with dollars in an attempt to make money more available for borrowing and lending.

Paul argued that Bernanke's plan to buy bank assets and drop more than $2 trillion into the economy did not yield the results the chairman hoped, a conclusion that Paul says Bernanke implicitly acknowledged during a speech last week in which he offered no new bailout programs from the Fed.

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Dr. Mercola for Ron Paul

This MAY have been already published, but I'm not sure.



Dr. Ron Paul Discusses Liberty, the Economy and Raw Milk (Part 1/2)

Dr. Ron Paul Discusses Liberty, the Economy and Raw Milk (Part 2/2)

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Historical Proof for Free Market?

So i understand the logic behind all of Ron Paul's economic teachings, and they definitely make sense to me. Can anyone point me to specific historical evidence for its effectiveness? Like cultures around the world which have implemented the free market philosphies of austrian economics? Any good past civilizations or current? I somewhat familiar with Hong Kong...any others?

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J.P. Morgan is foreclosing on the U.S. Treasury

I am not making this up. Hat tip reader Deontos.

Here is the high level story: JP Morgan Chase and Northwest Trust foreclosed on a property in Hillsboro, Oregon. Treasury (more accurately, the IRS) has a tax lien on the property

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Wow, Ron Paul's message crosses language and cultural boundaries

I am a 2nd generation Korean American and I recently woke up to the truth about Keynesian economics. Long story short, I became a firm believer in Austrian economics and began buying precious metals as a hedge against the continuously inflating dollar. I learned about Ron Paul soon afterward and it didn't take me long to realize that this man was speaking the truth!

Ever since, I have been trying to convince everyone I know to vote for this guy, which entailed a fair amount of extended conversations about the economy. I especially tried hard to get my parents to get on board. I had little success because they are primarily Korean speakers and my Korean is too limited to explain the complex concepts involved (how do you say inflation in Korean?)

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Peter Schiff: The Case for Ron Paul

Picking up where they left off in 2008, the media is in the midst of a campaign to ignore and undermine the presidential candidacy of Ron Paul (they gave me even rougher treatment during my 2010 Senate run). Political pundits just do not know what to do with a candidate who fails to fit into the blue and red boxes that form the simple narrative of American politics. They are perturbed by the grass roots nature of the campaign, by the strange honesty and earnestness of the candidate and his supporters, and the odd mixture of conservative values and liberty-minded policies.

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