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"Seemingly alone in the woods is Ron Paul"

This is an excellent article that gives a lot of credit to Ron Paul for his foresight and economic views. Here is a link to that article.

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Ron Paul Warns of Riots in the Streets

Last night, Congressman Ron Paul appeared on the Fox Business Channel to discuss the U.S. budget and the ever-expanding role of the federal government. While he continued to disseminate his non-interventionist foreign policy – most notably why he believes our involvement in foreign wars is a major source of our fiscal woes – he gave some startling insights into our growing dependence on Big Government and what that means for the nation.

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Why the Fed – and the feds – bailed out the banks

By Craige McMillan
© 2011
This Bloomberg article tells us all we need to know about how corrupt Wall Street bankers, the Federal Reserve and our federal government have become. Wall Street ultimately sucked $1.2 trillion out of the American economy.

Why? And what were the consequences?

Prior to individual retirement accounts, the stock market game had been played between big banks, insurance companies (annuities) and brokerage houses, so the playing field was pretty well leveled; the players at least were all in the same league.

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Need a review of my explanation of the economy

As many of you know, I'm attempting to put together a way for people who don't know all of the 'technical terms' that RP uses in his campaign, to understand them easier, and understand his platform on a layman's terms level. I'm doing this over at

The site has had a lot of hits since I launched it a few days ago, so the interest is obviously there.

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Real Clear Politics - Ron Paul : "Mobs In Europe, A Sign Of Things To Come."

Real Clear Politics - Ron Paul : "Mobs In Europe, A Sign Of Things To Come."

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Ron Paul & Mike Maloney On Gold and Silver (Flashback)

Ron Paul has always been true to himself, principle and ideal. He explains to us the big picture how we affect the world by our monetary policy. And where we are heading. If we could have listen with him back in 2007. We will be in much better shape now and perhaps on our way to recovery. We still have so much thing to do as nation. The better we are informed the better our chances of changing our fate.

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Artist making a huge statement next to the KC Fed

Another example of how the good Doctor's message is becoming mainstream!

He said he managed to round up 117 shipping containers in different colors to make a seven-story stack near the Liberty Memorial. The project, which sits just across the street from the Federal Reserve Building, will soon spell out "USA" on one side and "IOU" on the other.

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Hey Ron Paul Fans: Hope You Know That If America Stopped Being The World's Policeman, America's Economy Would Collapse

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry | Aug. 23, 2011, 4:32 AM |

Ron Paul doesn't just think the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are a mistake. He's an isolationist: he thinks America shouldn't be the world's policeman. He thinks America shouldn't have troops abroad and shouldn't use its military except in cases of self-defense.

Here's the problem: this would wreck the US economy, and the world economy.

And isolationists in general, and Ron Paul in particular, don't seem to grasp that.

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Boomer Retirement Could Slow US Recovery

Boomer Retirement Could Slow US Recovery

CHICAGO (Reuters) - The aging of the U.S. baby boom generation may slow an already weak recovery as boomers sell stocks to pay for retirement, according to research released Monday from the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank.

Many baby boomers have already sold some assets in preparation for retirement, research adviser Zheng Liu and Mark Spiegel, vice president of economic research, said in the latest San Francisco Fed Economic Letter.

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WH Orders 5% Across-the-Board Spending Cuts: Ron Paul Wins

The White House is quietly ordering these budget cuts while Obama is vacationing at Martha's Vineyard. A smaller government is coming of necessity, as predicted for years by Ron Paul. RP should make some political hay out of this disclosure by the Obama regime. Ron Paul is right, the only candidate to call for such cuts.

White House orders agencies to cut their budgets
White House tells federal agencies to propose budget cuts of 10 percent or more for 2013

Alan Fram, On Friday August 19, 2011, 7:55 am EDT

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While Middle America goes into recession, Black America flirts with depression.

First, black Americans held a significant share of the subprime mortgages that went sour when housing prices went south, and are thus over-represented among those who lost homes.

Second, black Americans, with a higher rate of poverty, depend more on the entitlement and social programs that Obama cannot avoid hoisting onto the chopping block in any “balanced” plan for dealing with the deficit-debt crisis.

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Is this the perfect storm?

I wake up in Philly this morning to the sound of thunder and rain pelting my window sill.

On Morning Joe, left-leaning pundits hold out little hope that the economy will rebound before the presidential election. They are unimpressed with President Obama's latest campaign tactics, and don't believe any economic plan he proposes will gain traction with the Congress or the public. They don't see how the economy can be turned around before the election, or how a "blame the other party" strategy can win. They say there is a sense of resignation within the Administration.

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Are Food Stamps a Stimulus?

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