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Time to shift gears

It's time to shift gears, we're not the underdog anymore. America agrees with us and we need to shatter the illusion we can't win the nomination. We need to destroy these illusions that Ron Paul is going to support someone else, he isn't and he is NOT running third party. He is going to win the Republican nomination. We need an audio track from Ron Paul to make a fundraiser video for the money bomb that answers the questions like this:

New responses to old old old OVER asked questions.

Romney or Perry or any other candidate who would you support?

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Ranking GOP candidates on tech savvy, craziness, and electability

"Which of the current crop of GOP candidates is better for tech, seems the most nuts, and can be elected? Read ZDNet Government columnist David Gewirtz’ take on the field."


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When it gets down to Romney, Perry & Paul: People are logically going to think: Why not Ron Paul?

It's only natural when people wake up and see through Romney and Perry!

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Ron Paul’s Electability

By John Derbyshire

On Radio Derb and elsewhere I’ve been retailing the conventional wisdom that Ron Paul is unelectable. A listener takes issue:

Mr. Derbyshire:

In spite of his success in the recent Iowa straw poll and his continued ability to raise funds, I keep hearing that Ron Paul is “unelectable” for any number of reasons. This is silliness.

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National Review Offers "Apology" On Slighting The Good Doctor.


I think all of us here at the DailyPaul should take heed to the wonderful tact displayed by the "Listener" in voicing his/her points on Dr. Paul's electability. Also, the point made is a wonderful one to counter such frivolous comments regarding Dr. Paul's electability or his "chances".

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Media Lies: The Truth is Everyone is ELECTABLE if Natural Born Citizen, 35 Years Old, and Resident for 14 Years.

Those are the requirements to be electable. Ron Paul is certainly electable.

The media lies to the American people.

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