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Ron Paul Straw poll results thus far.

Here's what i can find so far. Feel free to add to the list ;-)

Iowa Straw polls results (16,892 ballots cast)
1. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (4823, 28.55%)

2. Congressman Ron Paul (4671, 27.65%)

3. Governor Tim Pawlenty (2293, 13.57%)

New Hampshire Straw polls results (302 ballots cast)
1. Ron Paul 35% 106 votes

2. Mitt Romney 11% 33 votes

3. Tim Pawlenty 8% 24 votes

California straw poll results (833 ballots cast)
1. Ron Paul 44.9% 374 votes

2. Rick Perry 29.3% 244 votes

3. Mitt Romney 8.8% 73 votes

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Ron Paul, now more electable than ever

Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, has a good chance of winning his party’s nomination and the presidency next year, yet few in the media (mainstream or otherwise) seem to notice.

Ensuring that voters understand this is essential to having an informed discussion about the direction the country should take in the coming years. This is especially true because of the frequency in which people write off the congressman since they consider him unelectable.

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Huffington Post: 'Ron Paul Can Win' by Robin Koerner

Here is the latest excellent article from Blue Republican founder and Huffington Post columnist Robin Koerner!

It's hard to tell if the idea that Ron Paul cannot win in 2012 is more ignorant, in its complete lack of historical sophistication, or more arrogant, in its claim to certainty amid all the complexity of 300 million lives and the myriad issues that affect them.

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Destroying the Right/Left Paradigm

There were republicans who said that Obama (being a government community planner and otherwise no-name - to the general public)was not electable. And there were democrats who clearly understood that Bush was not electable. And then fell for a man who has only taken play after play on the international stage from Bush's failed foreign policies.

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Why not respond, "and how have those 'electable' candidates worked out so far?"

Or "If only they could ALL be this Unelectable!"

We know "electable" simply means "corporate-media-approved".
Tactically, of course all candidates want the reach that the mainstream media can provide. But PRINCIPALLY, not being certified by the corporate media should actually be seen as a GOOD thing! What better sign that a candidate is "for the people" than the ability to draw the ire of the elite. But sadly, people just don't seem to give it that much thought.

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Washington Post: 2012 looks like Groundhog Day for Ron Paul

By Scott Clement

If Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) ran against President Barack Obama today, he’d run about even with the incumbent, according a new Gallup poll. Such a performance is noteworthy, as longtime front runner Mitt Romney holds a within-the-error-margin 48 to 46 percent edge against Obama. It’s also a stark change since Paul’s last try in the 2008 election cycle - more than seven in 10 of Republicans and GOP leaning independents couldn’t recognize Paul’s name or offered no opinion of him in an October 2007 Gallup poll October 2007 Gallup poll (dataset available via Roper).

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