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Ron Should Start Calling Romney "Unelectable"

I came to a realization the other day - a similarly big loser based on Media and GOP attention is Mitt Romney. The guy is a front runner and, besides calling him that, all the media does is talk about how other candidates are better then him. First it was Perry, when he entered the race, and everyone watched as the media made him out to be a God who far surpassed Romney in everything he did.

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What about a Ron Paul and Sarah Palin Alliance?

I don't know how you people feel about Sarah Palin but after reading her blog about crony capitalism I am beginning to wonder if she isn't more like Ron Paul than Rick Perry. I think an alliance of some kind would help Ron Paul a lot since she can attract a lot of people on the religious right which, at the moment, happens to be the biggest hurdle for him.

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The media is trying to depict Ron Paul as inhumane. This is good.

I have seen four or five great articles with headlines that, at first glance, creates the illusion that Ron Paul wants uninsured people to die! At first my reaction was to defend him but then I thought about it...

If people get this idea that one of our Republican candidates can say something so ridiculous they'll be compelled to investigate. This is going to work in our favor if they do.

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Two down Seven to go!

I think it would be a good idea to have an ongoing political ticker (almost like a countdown feature) that illustrates which candidates Ron Paul has already taken out of the 2012 race.

First, Pawlenty, and now Bachmann, is close to burning out. I would be personally satisfied if I saw all 7 of the other candidates mugs on a sidebar being x'd out one after the other, until we see Ron Paul as the last man standing.

I do not attain to time, talent, and property to make this happen. I hope someone does!

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