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Rick Perry charges $200,000+ for his emails

What a joke Rick Perry is. What a joke the media is for thinking he is top tier material.

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Time to Contact-Bomb the GOP with this message:

The Message:
If Ron Paul does not get the nomination, we will write him in! Ron Paul will win, or you can have Obama again!

Can we get a petition going, too?! Promising to write him in? This will shake the establishment goons!

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Help Me with an Email Campaign

I have what I feel is a good idea and would like some help getting it going. It will not cost you a dime and just a few short minutes of your time. It is an email campaign. I sent this out to everyone in my email box and hope that I can get some of you to copy the below info and do the same. If you like the idea please help me flood the emails of 1000's of people with this info.

Here is the email I sent just copy and paste in your email (please let me know by comment if you are in):


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Promoting Ron Paul - Consistent, Effective and Inexpensive

I use my Email everyday to promote Ron Paul. I have added a signature that pops up on every email I write. I use red and blue type. Here's what I use:

RESTORE THE REPUBLIC AND THE CONSTITUTUION. "The headlong process of “socializing” America continues with the Obamanization of Health Care, the government takeover of auto companies and banks, attempts to confiscate our retirement accounts, and recent federal efforts to totally control our food production system." -Dr. Ron Paul

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Clarence Page - Ron Paul's harsh definition of 'freedom' -- Needs Email Comments

Sounds like Clarence Page needs a little education. This last comment says it all with regard to the Government paying for sick people:

This election will show us how much the country really has swung toward the Ron Paul vision and away from what we used to call common sense.

Clarence needs a good ol fashioned 'email bomb' in order to set his viewpoint straight.

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Disturbing E-Mail From RP Campaign

Today I received an e-mail from John Tate saying that the campaign has NOT yet received my pledged donation from the Birthday Bomb. (I paid by PayPal on Saturday morning). Has there been any indication that Ron Paul has not been receiving contributions? I know there was a cyber attack.

Great, one MORE thing I have to worry about -- someone diverting all the campaign contributions.

Anyone hear anything?

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Chicago Tribune defends Ron Paul Media blackout - says Ron Paul has "no chance"

Read this article by the Chicago Tribune and then email the author and tell him he's wrong.

But BE RESPECTFUL! We do NOT need anyone bashing Ron Paul for his supporters. Ron Paul is a good man who has gotten a very bad name from his supporters. Please ask yourself, What would Ron do?

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