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Help get "End the Fed" on the Occupy Goals List!

Hi all! I've been lurking for awhile, but since I didn't see this posted anywhere, I decided to finally make an account and join the community. This is an e-mail from Steven Vincent of RonPaulLosAngeles.com, about how we can influence the Occupy Wall Street movement TODAY to add "End the Fed" to their objectives:

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Occupy Wall Street: Day One "END THE FED"

Moving, real and proof that the fight to awaken humanity is nearing fruition.


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Epic Kid Bullhorning for Ron Paul 2012

During the Ron Paul Sign Wave in Nashville, TN 10/10/11, these epic kids kept bullhorning for Ron Paul:




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I'm in Over My Head in Explaining Why End the Fed

Looking at this ongoing high-traffic thread:


Some of the comments seem pretty knowledgeable, a sampling:

"Central Bank liquidity swaps (1) are found on line 12 under Assets, and in the accompanying notes. Bank reserves, interest, securities, the open market account, etc. (2) are all there as well. (3) is announced in the monthly statement, and when the transactions are completed they also appear on the balance sheet.

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VIDEO: End the Fed Rant Guy Strikes Back!

Remember the awesome video from a week ago of the young guy passionately talking about about ending the Fed at OWS?

Well, he's back and talking about Austrian economics, RP, Mises, Murray Rothbard and liberty in this new interview video:


UPDATE: He has a website: http://whataboutliberty.com/ (thanks to IKON for finding this).

UPDATE 2: A video of him and a crowd marching outside the NYC FED building: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjM3eHc0Nak

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OWS occupation

To all Ron Paul Supporters. I encourage you to attend any OWS events in your area. I recently attended one of these meetings in preparation for our own occupation and through conversation identified several Ron Paul and End the Fed supporters. This is a great way to educate people about the Federal Reserve and about Dr. Paul. Most of the grievances they expressed are directly attributable to the Feds actions and several demonstrators and organizers were receptive of the information about the Fed and the special interest. The tea party was a great movement, but it has been hijacked by the GOP.

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Occupy Wall Street infiltrated by political groups?

(RT) – Occupy Wall Street has invaded Lower Manhattan with tens of thousands of demonstrators. The demonstration has been peaceful and yesterday several influential Unions have made the demonstration "A Forced to be Reckoned With". Many critics believe the Unions being involved could cause the movement to be used as a political tool. Andrew Gavin Marshall, project manager for ThePeoplesBookProject.com, shares his concerns.


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Alex Jones Fed Protest: Cop Admits Fed is Private Property [VIDEO]

looks likes jones is having a good time, lol


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Occupy Minnesota: The Spirit of Liberty

Youtube user Sgtbull07 has posted another great SGT micro-doc. In this video, he shows that liberty is alive and well in the Occupy movement in Minnesota.
OCCUPY HEARTS & MINDS: The Spirit of Liberty - a SGT micro-doc

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Video of End The Red Rally at Federal Reserve Bank Boston

Here is some video from the Occupy Fed Rally at Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.


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Videos from Values Voters Summit 10.8.11

Though I've already posted these as a comment on Ron Paul winning today's straw poll, I wanted to give them their own topic so everybody would get a chance to view them. I took two videos today during Ron Paul's speech at the Summit and have uploaded them to youtube.

The first video can be found here: http://youtu.be/7qKQ1xXobJc

Part two is here: http://youtu.be/qJJDFHMs3MA

They aren't coming up yet when I search youtube for Ron Paul at the Summit, so I figured I'd share them with everybody here.

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[VIDEO]: My "End the Fed" Protest Experience (Miami

I was able to get a small group of Miami locals to meet at a local Fed branch in Miami. The following video recaps the experience:


Seemed like the local media was up to no good, possibly putting out some disinfo to distract attention from the Fed and direct towards the Occupy Miami movement that was taking place in downtown Miami (about 20 minute drive from the Fed bank). Something tells me that, despite the "end the fed" spirit in these Occupy movements, they are being steered as a way to distract people and the media from Fed buildings.

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Occupy Federal Reserve Boston Announces Solidarity With Occupy Boston

The National End the Fed contingent in Boston met at the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston yesterday. This site happens to be at the same site as Occupy Boston.

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Lined with Ron Paul supporters Occupy Dallas gathers outside Federal Reserve


On the street corner outside the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, crowds of Ron Paul supporters with megaphones shouting, “Audit the Fed!” are nothing new.

They were there again today, but they were joined this time by hundreds more demonstrators whose anger has turned not only on the fed, but on all the big banks and corporations that have avoided serious accountability for their role in the financial crisis.

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Libertarian Wall Street Protestors Demand End to the Fed


"Libertarians Support Wall Street Protest to End the Fed

Ron Paul says that the Wall Street protests are legitimate, and that they are really protesting against the Federal Reserve.

One of the protest organizers tells me that a large proportion of the protesters are Ron Paul supporters.

Most of them believe that ending the Federal Reserve is the most important step..."

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