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MJ: Herman Cain's Enron-esque Disaster

While most are fawning over the latest manufactured candidate, Mother Jones has done some digging and found that Cain wasn't "Mr. Nice Guy" to his former employees at energy company Aquila (which is why they class action sued him).

Herman Cain's Enron-esque Disaster
—By Andy Kroll
Mon May. 23, 2011 3:00 AM PDT

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Tennessee and National Action Alert!

Smart meters being installed on homes without consent. In the middle of the Summer without notification the local electric company installed a "smart meter" on our home. We have owned the home for 8 years now and during the Summer months never paid more than $165.00-220.00 for utilities (electric and water) due to conservation and the fact that even though it is a standard split foyer home both children have moved out, one to school and the other to work.

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Ron Paul should propose GIVING Iran nuclear reactors.

The NeoCons are obsessed with creating nuclear hysteria surrounding Iran.

How about proposing a crash program to develop commercial Thorium molten salt reactors (MSR) and giving them to Iran? (Heck, we could probably give them to North Korea too.)

Unlike the current light water reactors, Thorium MSR's can be designed to make extraction of weapons grade fissionable material virtually impossible.

Thorium-based Molten Salt Reactors

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"Seemingly alone in the woods is Ron Paul"

This is an excellent article that gives a lot of credit to Ron Paul for his foresight and economic views. Here is a link to that article.

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