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Support (part of) Obama's Jobs plan


After all this time, finally he propoeses a change actually worth hoping for. And a change away from some old New Deal leftover junk, to boot. Who could have though he had that in him?

By lifting, or even just weakening, restrictions on who can invest in private companies, and how many investors a company can have before having to spend millions on paper pushers to be compliant with this or that regulation; El Presidente has finally come up with something that will actually lessen Wall Street's grip on the economy.


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Who Is John Galt?

Who are the "John Galts" of today?

I'd argue that Steve Jobs filled that spot perfectly, and even Steve Wozniak mentions that Jobs was influenced by Ayn Rand in this interview with Bloomberg:


Who are the inventors, innovators and business people who represent the spirit of John Galt in your opinion?

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