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EPA/FDA cartel at it again

Some days ago I posted a link showing how FDA increases prices of medications by regulation, while providing no additional benefit. (here it is for reference again if you haven't seen it already - they attempted to increase the price by 150 times : http://articles.latimes.com/2011/mar/09/news/la-heb-prematur...)

They are at it again, this time in cooperation with EPA. They are banning OTC asthma inhalers that used to cost around $20 to now buy other type which costs around $60 and will also require doctor visit (so yeah, another co-pay plus insurance for the visit):

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Rand Paul op-ed in Washington Times: EPA regulations violate constitutional rights

This is from Thursday last week but I don't think it was ever posted here and it deserve some attention. Very good piece by Rand.


PAUL: EPA regulations violate constitutional rights
Out-of-control agency turns everyday life into a federal crime

By Sen. Rand Paul - The Washington Times
Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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