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The Federal Reserve to pump dollars into Europe's financial system

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The Federal Reserve and four other powerful central banks threw a lifeline Thursday to Europe's struggling banks.

The European Central Bank -- along with the Fed, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan and the Swiss National Bank -- announced a coordinated plan to pump dollars into Europe's financial system.

The aim: Provide U.S. dollars to European banks that need the currency to fund loans and repay debt.

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Estonia rejects Keynes, grows at 8% - does NPR understand the subject at hand?

Estonia takes a play our from President Warren Harding and Mises and does not buy into stimulus, after a contraction of 13.9%, they are now growing at 8% - only the experts at NPR do not know enough of our own history or Austrian Economics to realize the reasons for Estonian growth, and how it related to our own crash in 1921. President Warren Harding's policy of not intervening in the market were continued under Calvin Coolidge in 1923, much like George W Bush's policies of intervention were continued under Barack Obama.

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Is this the real reason for the Iraq and Libyan intervention of the United States?

I ran across this video posted on a highly popular and frequented tech blog named Gizmodo by a fellow reader. The blog entry is titled "Libyan Rebels Hit with Scud Missile for First Time Ever". The video shown in that blog by this reader isn't really related to the event but it was actually about why the Government has intervened in Libya...and Iraq.

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