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Herman Cain Exposed: The Federal Reserve Chairman

As most of us already know, the Federal Reserve [Fed] came under expansive scrutiny in 2008 after the housing bubble burst and reaped havoc on our dollar. What most people don’t know is why the Federal Reserve came under fire. The absence of that knowledge creates a lack of conviction and rectifying our economic problems can only occur when both knowledge and conviction are achieved. The majority of Americans perceive our Federal Reserve as necessary and integral to our economy, as air is to our respiratory system.

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Herman Cain Exposed: The 9-9-9 Tax Plan

Herman Cain’s movement towards a flat tax is his widely coveted 9-9-9 plan which looks very attractive from a distance. However, upon further scrutiny one finds that this system may be much worse than the current flawed system.

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Herman Cain Exposed: The Patriot Act

Herman Cain said recently in an interview with The Atlantic (link) that he agrees with 90% of The Patriot Act, which is arguably the most detrimental attack on our civil liberties since our emancipation from the British in 1776. When asked what the 10% he disagreed with was, he only gave a vague dismissive response, which indicates that he probably hasn’t read it (as most people haven’t) but wanted to retain for himself an exit strategy if ever criticized on the issue.

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Truth Exposed Radio Year of Activism Special Broadcast

July 6, 2011 Year Of Activist Revolution Truth Exposed Radio 4hr Special
Part 1
Part 2
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Part 4
Truth Exposed Radio airs every Wednesday night at 6pm central time on the Rule of Law Radio network, which is broadcasting across 19 am & fm radio stations nationwide, including 90.1 FM Austin Texas.
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