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"Joel Salatin: A Radical for Freedom"

This week, while working to update my Joel Salatin Video Library post, I came across this blog on Lew Rockwell's site with a link back to my original post on the Daily Paul. In her blog, Karen De Coster tells an interesting story(from a libertarian perspective) about her visit to Polyface Farm. I've also included a link to her followup blog where she continues with her observations on Joel Salatin as well as her clandestine experience obtaining raw milk.

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Joel Salatin, Food Freedom, and Ron Paul

Saw Joel Salatin speak this weekend. Great motivator and energizer.

He spoke about how food, like liberty, brings people together.

He is very well read in libertarian ideas and economics, not just in breadth but in depth. The real magic is that he is astute enough to know how to talk with the left "progressive" crowds who usually show up to see him speak.

For example instead of using the term "property rights" he uses the phrase "value creates stewardship". Which I guess works the other way to turn libertarians and "rightists" on to "environmentalism" too.

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