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Please answer, will lack of federal university subsidies hurt America's standing?

Hi, I'm a Ron Paul supporter (2008, 2012) and donor and am convinced Ron Paul will lead America in the right direction.

However, I have one reservation about Paul's policies, which is this:

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Marc Faber's Warning Shocks cnbc Anchors: 'Don’t Store Your Gold In The United States!' (video)

Last week on CNBC the following classic exchange occured:

Faber: "I prefer if investors hold physical gold in a safe deposit box, ideally outside the US, in various locations - Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada. I think it’s important in today’s very uncertain world to diversify, not only the various asset classes, but also the custody of your assets should be in different jurisdictions."

CNBC: "Uh, so do you thus not trust US banks or US custodians? Do you think they might fail or abscond with the gold?"

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Very Old Ron Paul Video

Oldest Ron Paul Video I have seen. Same Message then as Now. Title saying he is exposed.


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"Rebuild beach houses? Just who's the idiot?"

Journal Inquirer

By Chris Powell, Managing Editor
Published: Saturday, September 10, 2011 1:13 AM EDT

Governor Malloy says U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, the libertarian Republican from Texas who is seeking his party's presidential nomination, is "an idiot" for proposing to disband the Federal Emergency Management Agency and leaving disaster relief work to the private sector.


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Audit the Fed Comments Bomb - here's what you can do

Just thought of an easy way to spread the crucial message about the Federal Reserve and the audit we need to get passed.

I spend some time each day writing comments on news articles online and it is great to see all the Ron Paul supporters. In '07 I guess there was one of us for every 4 or more of "them" whereas now that statistic has been reversed.

But I digress.

My point is that it is time consuming to write comments and now that we dominate many sites we can look to improve our strategies.

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An email I sent to a non Ron Pauler

Hello Unnamed Person,

The banks only issue the currency via a loan, and only the principle. There is no other way to "make" money.

But they do not issue the money for the interest payments, so simply, you have to borrow more money to make the monthly payment. There is a time lag, but in general what is owed is much greater than the total money supply. (Not counting derivitives and all that crap)

This is an example of Lt Col (ret) Congress Dr. Ron Pauls plan and it's effect if we don't stop the Federal Reserve and he is president.

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Come post on jon stewarts website!

i posted a topic on jon stewarts website for a story idea help get stewart to cover these polls by posting some replies

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G. Edward Griffin on Coast-to-Coast Tonight 10-11 PM PST (Sept. 7)

G. Edward Griffin writes:

I'll be on Coast-to
Coast radio Wednesday night
(the George Noory Show)
10 to 11 PM (pst) 2011 September 7

Topic? The economy tailspin and the Federal Reserve. If you stay up late, you may want to listen in – and invite your friends to do so.

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Thought I would share this article I wrote on the FED

The Federal Reserve System is, contrary to popular belief, not a branch of the United States Federal Government, and in the case of The Federal Reserve, the name itself is even deceptive. Just as the word federal is misleading, so is the word reserve. In reality, there are no monetary reserves at The Federal Reserve. There is nothing backing up the value of the dollar. The name for the organization was concocted in secret several years before The Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913.

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RT - Gerald Celente : "The Economy is Going to Get Much Worse" (Video)

RT - Gerald Celente : "The Economy is Going to Get Much Worse" (Video)

September 4, 2011
A recent report reveals that the US created zero new jobs last month. The last time this happened was in 1945. The unemployment rate is still at 9.1% and projected numbers for the next year show the average unemployment rate at about 9%. With these numbers, many Americans question if President Obama’s jobs creation plan, due to be unveiled next week, will have any effect on the economy. Gerald Celente, director at Trends Research Institute, helps us peer into the future.

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Billions for the Bankers , Debts for the People

My sister found this pamphlet at a yardsale. It was written in 1984. Great one to pass around to your Christian friends. It is printed in its entirety.


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Alex Jones Show - Bob Chapman : We Have Been In A 'Inflationary Depression' Since Feb. 2009."

Alex Jones Show - Bob Chapman : We Have Been in a 'Inflationary Depression' Since Feb. 2009."

Today, on the Alex Jones Show, Alex Talked with Bob Chapman, Former army counter intelligence officer and publisher of the #1 Economic Newsletter in the world, "The International Forcaster.com. Chapman said the United States has been in a 'INFLATIONARY DEPRESSION' since February 2009.

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