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FB post of mine on recent Cain hype - just thought I would share!

The more Herman Cain picks up in the polls, the more it concerns me greatly. The gains come from those he siphoned off Perry and their support is only in the 2nd degree. I say 2nd degree, because they are not dedicated to any candidate and therefore, their switch is not pre-meditated (1st degree). It's done in the moment and with only an emotion driving it. No thought or research has thoroughly gone into him or other candidates. The reason I am concerned is because it shows the amount of 2nd degree voters/supporters who go for catch phrase politics and not solid truths.

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Straw polls sure are important unless Ron Paul wins them

I know that Florida is trying to vie to be an early primary state...but Cains win is on every front page news source on the internet...so looks like straw polls are really important unless your name is Ron Paul...also remember how important national polls were before Ron Paul was polling 3rd?

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