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I told you before Uncle Sam is Reading everything you post

I told you how HB Gary software was being used by the Air Force to infiltrate Social Media sites Here is My proof along with info from

Here is what I personally know about it. They infiltrated my Ron Paul Meet-Up site.Following please find a message which I
think deserves immediate attention. I've just read this email
-- at least the first major part of it -- and I suggest you
check out Cruise Carter immediately. Or, is he someone you
already know? I ask because you made him an assistant

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Ron Paul’s View On Foreign Occupations Supported By US Troops

Ignoring the facts, establishment media smears Congressman as “defending Al-Qaeda”

The establishment media is once again attempting to smear Ron Paul as anti-American following Paul’s simple observation during the debate last night that foreign occupations increase the risk of terrorist attacks, when in reality the Texan Congressman’s views are endorsed by US military personnel more than any other Republican candidate.

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Iran Air Force?

I am a huge Ron Paul supporter and I have been listening to the debates....during the Ames, IA debate Ron said that Iran doesn't have an Air Force....Last night I was debating with a friend of mine and brought this point to his he e-mailed me wikipedia's full description of Iran's Air Force, it can anyone help me out as to why Dr. Paul says and stated that Iran doesn't have an Air Force???? Please help.

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Domestic Intelligence Force: the NYPD After 9/11

Published on Aug 24, 2011 by AssociatedPress

The September 11th terrorist attacks not only transformed the lives of ordinary Americans, but it also changed the way the nation's largest police force, the NYPD, does business. (Aug. 24)

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