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Force the Obama Administration to justify US Foreign Policy at!

I need 150 signatures to get this to show up on


I just found out about Obama creating this "We The People" section of - the way it works is this:

1. Petition is created
2. If petition receives 5000 votes in 30 days, the staff must evaluate the petition and consult policy experts.
3. The Administration must issue a response to the petition.

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Ron Paul on Blowback, Foreign Policy, and Peace

Ron Paul on Blowback, Foreign Policy, and Peace:

A Brief Timeline of Blowback:

Blowback is a term used by the CIA to explain unintended, harmful consequences of military action (particularly aggressive action). Ron Paul is the only presidential contender who truly understands blowback and why current U.S. foreign policy endangers the national security of the U.S.

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Foreign Policy - excellent video from Korean War vet and CIA consultant
This is an excellent video. Key points are at the following times in the 1 hour video.

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Thank God! We now have a military base , In Australia??

I feel safer already!!!

An emerging defense agreement would let the U.S. expand its military presence in Australia as the Obama administration and its allies maneuver to counter an increasingly assertive China.
It would include positioning U.S. equipment in Australia, increasing access to bases and conducting more joint exercises and training.

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WH Counter Terror Doctrine

This is why we need Ron Paul to lead our nation, more than ever before.

U.S. defends unilateral capture or kill doctrine

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. will keep targeting al-Qaida anywhere in the world, including in countries unable or unwilling to do it themselves, the top U.S. counter terror official said Friday.

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Tony Bennett - Howard Stern Rant Makes NY Daily News - POLL

Tony Bennett, legendary crooner, delivers rant about 9/11 on Howard Stern show: 'We caused' it

NY Daily news has a poll asking if you agree with Mr Bennett. You know what to do.

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Ron Paul and Israel

Ron Paul and Israel (Video):

Ron Paul is the only candidate who recognizes that current U.S. foreign policy endangers Israel. End government foreign aid and you empower Israel to govern itself. Why are supposed "pro-Israel" candidates in favor of giving 3-4 times more aid to Israel's Arab enemies?

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Does Tony Bennett support Ron Paul?

Yesterday on the Howard Stern Show, ICON Tony Bennet made the statement that "9-11 happened because we had been bombing them". I smell opportunity. This guy is 85 years old and an absolute ICON amongst my parents and grandparentts. Does anyone have the audio?

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Vote on a fellow DPers video for the Fox | Google Debate!!

With the help of RonPaulRocks1, I just created a question video for the upcoming Fox News | Google Debate.

The video can be watched here:

Here are the steps you can take to help get the video plugged into the debate:

Unfortunately there is no way to provide a direct URL to my video.
However, it's not too difficult to find!!

1. Go to

2. Click the "vote" tab in the upper left

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1984 Quote

Still haven't read it, it's next after I finish Slaughterhouse Five, but I did see it on Greenwald's story and it's too good to not bear repeating:

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MWC News: "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

Some of us were brought into political adulthood reading Walt Kelly’s masterful creation, Pogo, the lovable character living in the Okefenokee Swamp of Georgia. From dialogue used in that comic strip, many were the quotes that attained temporary or even permanent fame, but one topped them all: “We have met the enemy and he is us.” And Kelly’s reference point was not only the environment but his belief that we are… all of us, responsible for our myriad pollution: public, private and political.

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My Letter to the Editor was Published

I wrote a letter to the Editor that was published this morning. Could use some comments from the readers of the Daily Paul.

LETTER: Ron Paul is right
In the last debate, Rick Santorum attacked Congressman Ron Paul by saying he claimed Americans invited the attacks on 9/11. When Rudy Giuliani made the same accusation in 2007, Paul responded with a reading list including the 9/11 Commission Report and "Blowback" by Chalmers Johnson. Even our government concludes that bin Ladin's attacks on America were motivated primarily by the presence of American bases in Saudi Arabia and interventionism in Iraq, leading to the deaths of 500,000 children (Madeleine Albright admitted this in 1996). Ron Paul is pointing out this fact. He is a doctor trying to cure a disease, not using Band-Aids on gunshot wounds. Denying truth is not only unreasonable, but also un-American.

Our current foreign policy of bombing countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia makes us less safe and we can't afford it. America has spent $10 trillion in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Hypothetically speaking, what if we spend 10 percent of that on necessities here in America? That's $1 trillion. Paul's foreign policy makes sense. Disagree? Ask who receives the most money from active-duty military personnel. Air Force Veteran Ron Paul tops the list. He gets more than all the other candidates combined and even more than the commander-in-chief Barack Obama. Santorum's support? $250. 0.0068 percent of the good doctor.

Thanks everyone,

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Michael Scheuer Videos

Do we have a video of Michael Scheuer, laying out why Ron Paul is right about foreign policy?

I have been combing through YouTube for the last few days...and I find a lot of interviews he has done, speeches he has given...but they are all really, really long. And none of them clearly, concisely state his views. We need something more user friendly, something that is shorter, more pointed etc.

I do not have any skills when it comes to making videos..

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Paris - The Violence Of The Lambs

An interesting speech about "American exceptionalism", and blowback that I stumbled across. I'm not much into rap, but this artist "Paris" seems to be aware of the situation.
I don't completely agree with the speech, but it is spot on for the most part, and I thought it was interesting given the current political discussion on foreign policy. This might have been a good answer for Sanitorium in the debate....8)

Paris - The Violence Of The Lambs (2:29)
Does anyone know who this is speaking in the video?

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