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Republicans Return to a Conservative Foreign Policy

This is a good article describing a Republican return to a conservative foreign policy:

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An email I sent to a non Ron Pauler

Hello Unnamed Person,

The banks only issue the currency via a loan, and only the principle. There is no other way to "make" money.

But they do not issue the money for the interest payments, so simply, you have to borrow more money to make the monthly payment. There is a time lag, but in general what is owed is much greater than the total money supply. (Not counting derivitives and all that crap)

This is an example of Lt Col (ret) Congress Dr. Ron Pauls plan and it's effect if we don't stop the Federal Reserve and he is president.

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Ronald Reagan on Foreign Policy

Reagan’s Foreign Policy

Reagan was not the interventionist that the preemptive warfare crowd attempt to mis-portray him as. The only land conflict Reagan ever got involved in was Grenada. It lasted two days. Reagan’s only air strike was the 1986 bombing of Libya, lasting a day.

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The Irony.. Ron Paul the only candidate endorsed by Reagan

Im not one for throwing around the Reagan endorsement card, but I just find it ironic, and interesting that Ron Paul is the only candidate that was on stage for the debate who was actually endorsed by Reagan himself.

I find it odd, though not surprising, that this was not brought up at all during the debate.

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Ron Paul Won The Reagan Library Debate Hands Down

Who do you think won the Republican debate at the Reagan library? Cong. Ron Paul of course hands down!!!!

56,302 Votes to have a 49.4% Overall This is America Speaking!!!

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Ron Paul and 'the Troops'

By Robert Oscar Lopez

While driving through Nebraska on the way home to Los Angeles, I was out of music. I had listened to all the CDs I had. FM was a desert. I switched to AM radio and since it was a Saturday, the only talk show I could get was a reprise of Sean Hannity's best moments for the week.

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Ron Paul and the Middle East

My video, and a compilation of other videos, to support Ron Paul.
Please spread the message.

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Feds to Gibson: "Use Madagascar labor and your problems will go away"

KMJ Radio host Chris Daniel interviewed Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz on Wednesday. Juszkiewicz told Chris that the Obama Administration told them, “Your problems would go away if you used Madagascar labor instead of our labor.”

More: http://www.thegatewaypund...

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Ron Paul on 9/11 Anniversary: 'I don't think we've learned a whole lot'

By Michael O'Brien - 08/30/11 02:53 PM ET

The U.S. hasn't learned much in the 10 years since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington, Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) argued Tuesday.

Paul, the libertarian-minded Republican presidential candidate, voiced criticism of U.S. foreign policy just days before the tenth anniversary of the coordinated terrorist attacks that resulted in almost 3,000 deaths.

"I don't think we've learned a whole lot because our foreign policy hasn't changed," Paul told a guest host on Lou Dobbs's radio show.

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Glenn Greenwald: The Decade's Biggest Scam

Ask yourself a question after reading the article below: Are there any candidates running for president, Republican or Democrat, that could agree with what Mr. Glenn Greenwald stated so eloquently in this article?

"The LA Times, while skillfully highlighting these wasteful programs, depicts them as some sort of unintended inefficiencies. That is exactly what they are not. None of this is unintended or inefficient but is achieving exactly the purposes for which it is designed. That's true for two reasons.

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Ron Paul vs Ben Stein & Israel

Its time we are allowed to talk about Israel without the fear of being called an anti-Semite. If indeed Israel is a democracy, then free speech should not be a problem. Just as we can criticism the White House & Washington, we should be able to criticize Jerusalem & Tel Aviv

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Thank You Mark Levin and Jeffrey Lord!

With the release of the caustic article by Jeffrey Lord in the American Spectator, and further whetted by the wily and cantankerous talking head Mark Levin, conservative thought in foreign policy has been brought to the forefront. Levin and Lord, in their ex-cathedra pronouncement, have claimed a sin has been committed by the sly Ron Paul, who, it is asserted, is surreptitiously holding on to liberal views while claiming to be a conservative.

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