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US Ties Iranian Operatives to a Plot to Kill Saudi Ambassador

So the propaganda machine has already started to spin this one:

"The Obama administration...accused agents of the Iranian government of being involved in a plan to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States."

The administration further vowed to "unite the world" against Tehran through new international sanctions, and VP Joe Biden said that U.S. action could go beyond sanctions, adding that "we're not going there yet".

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Washington Times: Ron Paul puts America first

Many, including fellow presidential candidate Rick Santorum, have labeled Ron Paul as part of the 'blame America first' crowd in this election cycle. They are angered by his willingness to point out flaws in our country's foreign policy and smear him as an isolationist who wants America to hide from the rest of the world. Contrary to establishment Republican rhetoric, Paul's policy is not "blame America first," but "put America first."

Read the rest:

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Ron Paul and Islam. Paul's foreign policy good for Israel.

Excellent Molotov Mitchell video on why Ron Paul's foreign policy is good for Israel and everybody.

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Paul: Cut Foreign Aid, Bring Home Troops

Ron Paul hadn't even said a word last night before he received two standing ovations from the crowd at the We The People town hall at Nashua Community College.

During his roughly 20 minute remarks, the audience applauded, whooped, hollered and whistled for the Texas Republican congressman a total of 18 times. The only "boo" from the audience came after he referenced the federal PATRIOT Act.

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A discussion with Teo-Con on Ron Paul's Foreign Policy.

In a discussion over the Al-Awaiki assination I recieved this response from a Tea Party guy I know.

"Well, honestly, I believe democrats have no respect for constitution and believe in complete government control. If bush did it, the press would go crazy. Like I said, i agree with Ron Paul on alot but I feel he doesnt show sympathy when he talks about 9/11 victims. I understand his positions but he makes it sound like they deserved it. Personally, I like Ron Paul much better than someone like a Michele Bachmann."

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Ron Paul should make the UN an issue

I think Ron Paul should make his opposition to the United Nations an issue in the campaign. I know he mentioned it in one of his Texas Straight Talks, but I think he should say something in the debates and/or run an ad. Foreign policy is his biggest weakness among Republicans, and this is a foreign policy issue where you could score some credibility among mainstream Republicans. In the eyes of the average Republican, Ron Paul sounds like a leftist.

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Herman Cain's Foreign Policy Details

Here is an interview between Dick Morris and Herman Cain detailing his developing foreign policy positions. More detail than he has offered in the past.

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a interesting interview from 2010

worth a look. More proof Ron Paul is right

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The Thing about Ron Paul Supporters

So someone just posted this and it was taken down, i wish it would have been left up because these people need to be allowed to discuss with people here to get a better understanding of paul's views. He talked about his support of Guantanamo, the foreign policy of the main stream media in relation to Iran and Israel...and a few other things. Here's a response to the torture of "terrorists".

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Former Soldier Exposes Media Bias On YouTube

Here's a video on YouTube exposing the Meida Bias from the viewpoint of a former soldier.

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Karen Kwiatkowski's Birthday Moneyblast

If you love upsetting neoconservatives, donate to Karen Kwiatkowski today!

Let's make Karen's birthday a memorable one for neocons and Republican shills by donating to her congressional campaign. (She's 51, so consider making a $51 donation or more.)

She is contending for the Republican nomination in Virginia's 6th congressional district against a war-mongering Patriot Act/FISA supporter.

We're asking all Ron Paul supporters who believe in a noninterventionist foreign policy to support her candidacy.

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rEVOLution March on Washington - Oct 15th - peaceful gathering

The Revolution March has a date, time, and website!
I am happy to announce the launch of

The march will be held in D.C. on Oct. 15th, 2011 and it will start at 7-8AM.

Much like the previous march, we will gather at the Washington Monument, walk down Constitution Ave, and end at Capitol Hill on the west front.

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