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Losing to Cain! Poll: Post Debate "Who Won" O'Reilly 9/27

Yep, another poll. I don't know if click-through is being monitored, if your browser transmits it, so if in doubt, don't click the link. Just copy and paste it, or go straight to and find the poll. -- Look to the right, about one page down.

At the time of this post, Cain's in first and Paul's in close second.

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What did Front Runner Ron Paul not get to say in the last Debate?

Rep. Ron Paul, (R-Texas), visits Manhattan to talk about the debt, why the military loves him and what he didn't get to say in the last debate.

Watch the latest video at

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Asking Rick Santorum where Ron Paul is at CPAC 2011

This is my first post here, but I visit the site daily. I attended CPAC in Orlando yesterday and couldn't resist sharing this with you all!

Shortly after Ron Paul spoke at the Faith & Freedom Coalition event, we bumped into Rick Santorum in the lobby area at the Rosen Centre Hotel where it was being held. Since Dr. Paul spoke after him, I hoped we'd get a chance to see him, too.

We really wanted to meet Ron Paul, shake his hand and thank him for his unwavering dedication to defending the Constitution. But I didn't know which door to wait by, so I thought I'd ask Rick Santorum.

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