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Ron Paul Free Market Economy

I need some help or clairification from someone about Ron Pauls stance on the free market. I know that Ron very much supports a free market but what I need to know is if he supports any kind of rules and regulations? I believe a Pure Free Market/laissez-faire is not what he is advocating. There has to be some (very little) rules and regulations, such as Glass Steagall which he was opposed to repealing I believe.
So that is it. Does Ron Paul support a limited free market? Meaning some (very little) rules and regulations?
Please link me any relevant info.

Thank you,

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Why I believe in capitalism and free markets

Well I finally took the plunge and started some dialog with the folks over at I figured If I'm going to rant about liberty, constitutional government and sound money I might as well try and spread my message beyond the lowly forums of DP. Today I posted a message entitled, "Why I believe in capitalism and the free markets" I thought I'd share it with you all as well. I received some very positive feedback from folks over there. It's like they have never been exposed to the philosophies of Murry Rothbard.

Here goes...

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Morals of Legislation (1837) by William Leggett

I found this piece by the great Jacksonian, William Leggett, timely.



April 15, 1837

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hi folks, new guy here in need of merchandise advice

I don't wanna offend anyone, but I've budgeted 10% of my take-home pay to supporting Ron Paul. This money is spent on donations, advertising (Ron Paul merchandise or materials), and gas to get to a Ron Paul event. Trying to find the best products is the hard part. Donations, gas, and materials are pretty straightforward. Most of the merchandise I buy is bumper stickers, buttons, and shirts to give away. I've bought products from six or seven vendors online and could easily rate them best to worst.

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Ron Paul should stick to 1-Gun and only 1-Gun (Free-Market Currency)

I'm saying this with 20/20 vision -- there are some critiques of RP that take too long to counter-argue the "talking points" of pundits -- I call these the "Austrian Remnents," catch words or phrases that are meaningful when having a proper debate but cannot be explained away in the short-sighted talking points. An example would be SSN -- the Austrian "nut" (or view) is "do away with it." That's how the pundit quotes it now how do you in a sound bite defend it -- you can't.

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Why isn’t the campaign video recording all of Ron Paul’s public speeches and Q&A sessions?

Why isn’t the campaign video recording all of Ron Paul’s public speeches and Q&A sessions?

Ron Paul has given a few speeches since he started his campaign for the presidency, yet I believe I have seen only one that may have been recorded by the campaign. (Speech in Cedar Rapids?)

(I have a few of Ron Paul's public speeches on my site here: http://www.ronpauldailyne...)

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Currency Competition vs Boom-Bust Cycle

Boom-Bust in a Free-Society can only happen in the short-run
---during IPO
---during new product innovation
---the only time to grow wealth

Boom-Bust under Corporatism (even under Capitalism) happens in the mid-to-long run and it happens in the short-run too, just not as dynamically as would happen in a free-society.

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