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Found great video of RP from the 80's

Here's the link to this great interview that many may not have seen yet!!!



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What would you like to hear from President Obama?

What would you like to hear from President Obama?

Today, we will present an exclusive live interview with the president, conducted by George Stephanopoulos of ABC News and presented on both Yahoo! News and at 2:35 pm ET. Submit your questions here. Yahoo! and ABC News will pick some of them to to ask the president live.

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Herman Cain AGREES with Ron Paul!!

Well kinda, sorta this article is from May 25, 2011. I want to see if he is going to FLIP FLOP on this one or pray to the Pizza Gods that they will never ask him about the Assassination of American al-Awlaki. As of yet, I cannot find any article where he addresses this.

"Herman Cain: Spying on Americans Is Okay, But Not Assassinating Them"

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Florida's moving up!

Looks like Florida made the move. Turn the buses around and head back to Iowa, the election cycle just got fast forwarded!

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Moved to larger stage Webster Hall!

We just got moved to the biggest room at Webster Hall NYC.
Mick Jagger, Madonna and many more have performed on this stage.

Today we will have Ron Paul on this same stage.

This is a media event, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX and others will be there.

Need to fill the Grand Ballroom!!!

Bring a friend, bring 10.

Huge group discounts available.

If you need discounts for additional tickets call 917 515 5355.

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O' Reilly Just promoted a Rep Pres Poll on his website

You know the drill. Let's tell show O'Reilly we aren't going away...

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Ron Paul IS a Front Runner, Establishment Panicking!

I just saw this on Crisis world. I sure hope there are more people getting Dr. Paul's message.

I'm pretty pissed off and frustrated after yesterday's debate. We have to figure out how to beat the media at their game.

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NH POLL: Romney 1st, Paul 2nd -- Perry 4th.

Drudge report.

Here is an interesting read. Our man just keeps moving up the ladder:

Go Ron, Go!

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New Hampshire Poll: Ron Paul in Second Place, Leads Rick Perry

The latest poll out of New Hampshire shows Texas congressman Ron Paul in second place, trailing Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

A poll conducted by Suffolk University/7NEWS shows Mr. Paul trailing Mr. Romney, 41 percent to 14 percent. The poll is the latest to find support for the Texas congressman, who is now seen as top-tier candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.

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