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Perry(the platypus) is for sale but not cheap

Not the best the source, but still worth a look:

HALF his funding from just 200 people.

Huge giveaways to and special treatment for supporters.

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Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann should call on Rick Perry to drop out

"Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann should consider calling on Rick Perry to drop out of the campaign because in the last debate, he falsely claimed that he had raised only $5,000 from the company involved with his ill-fated vaccination program....."

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Pamela Geller on Rick Perry's Islamist Friends

Many neocons(as well as many tea partiers)are fans of Pamela Geller so if we want to reach them on the issue of Rick Perry the following should prove helpful.

Perry's Problematic Pals:

Pamela Geller, WND: Rick Perry, Fifth Column Candidate:

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