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A new TACTIC! Online polls and news.

My friends,

It is time for us to drive the news and the polls!

This is how we do it.

From this point forward, the first person that sees a negative poll or news article comes to the DP and gives a synopsis of it. We take that into account and DON'T repond. Let them do what they want. Who cares? We are winning and it is killing them.

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What causes tomatoes to not turn red in home garden?

I was just listening to a gardening conversation on the power hour talk show. A caller asked why his cherry tomatoes grew to full size, but would not turn red this year. The expert did not have an explanation, but did say that he has heard this many times this year along with other vegetables like cucumbers, squash, etc. I also experienced this my garden this year and I had very few offers to take the overabundance of produce from the gardens of friends and neighbors.

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