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SEC suspends destruction of enforcement records

SEC suspends destruction of enforcement records
WASHINGTON | Thu Sep 8, 2011 1:23pm EDT

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The top lawyer at the Securities and Exchange Commission this week ordered the enforcement division to cease destroying all investigative records after an internal whistleblower complained the agency was wrongfully discarding important records.

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Brigadier General John Adams

This artical is about Brigadier General John Adams

This is just the ending of the artical you see here.

It is important to note that Adams’ views are representative of what appears to be a growing number of military members opposed to America’s foreign policy and military spending. After all, GOP presidential Ron Paul has garnered more financial support from active military members than any of the other Republican presidential contenders combined, and it is in large part because of his message of non-interventionism and how that policy would contribute to fiscal sanity.

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New video on the Constitution's "General Welfare" clause

This video came about because of a comment by some guy named "Dave" on Tom Woods' excellent website, I thought it deserved a video:

Billy the Teenage Stoner and the Constitution!

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