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Gerald Celente Predicted This

Gerald Celente must have some amazing psychics working for him. I remember him saying, back in 2009, there's going to be what he called a new "progressive libertarian" movement in America. When he said it, I rolled my eyes. But.. look at what's TRYING to happen with these protests. Libertarians and progressives protesting the bailouts and banking elites.

Back in 2009

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Alex Jones and Gerald Celente ~ The 2011 "Winter of Discontent"

Appearing on Infowars Nightly News, trend forecaster Gerald Celente told Alex Jones the economy will likely begin its climatic unraveling in October and this will deliver a "winter of discontent" in America.

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Catchy phrase for Ron Paul 2012

In homage to Gerald Celente who has come up with such great terms as "presstitutes" or "when people have nothing to lose they lose it" I would like to say:
Hey America, it's Ron Paul or it's rock bottom!"

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