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Time To Tie Up Some Phone Lines With Truth

People, y'all need to start sending in questions, and making calls. The south is full of DemoRats and RINO's or Resnublicans as I call them.
Bob McLain
Great callers today, thanks ! Wednesday Cong. Jeff Duncan 4:30, Sen. Lindsay Graham 5:30. Thursday, Newt Gingrich, Friday Herman Cain.

Many are loving Cain here. that 9-9-9..In NC we pay 8% in SC I think its 7.5 and they want to pay 9? Talk about insanity.

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Good move by the campaign

On the day of an over politicized straw poll, the Ron Paul presidential campaign made the conscience decision to play a smaller role in the Florida Straw Poll, and it worked perfectly.

Perry lost, and the alleged "third place candidate" Bachmann, was in dead last with 1.2%.

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