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Ron Paul makes little girl cry.

as the title says: Ron Paul makes little girl cry.

I think this has viral potential all over it... enjoy :-)

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11 year old girl gives speech at political rally: "Who Inspires Me" she chose RON PAUL (Ron is there!)
Be sure to check out this great article (I found this video in the many extremely positive comments):
"Is Ron Paul the New Iowa Frontrunner?"

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Ron Paul Sign Bomb 10/10/11 - Get Involved! - New Video

Let's swarm this post, this Grassroots event needs to be HUGE, and it can be if we get the word out! So please, please, watch the video, share, and vote it up so as many people as possible can be informed about this event! Thanks!!

Link to Video:


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New GrassRoots Video - Angie4RonPaul - More Ways to Get Involved

I made this video to help people find more ways they can personally get involved with Ron Paul's campaign without spending a ton of time or money. I know that we can't all stand on a street corner with a sign for 5 hours or table at your local festival for a day! So if you want to help, even in a small way, this video is for you! Also I am offering free bumper stickers, so it's a must watch if you are interested!


Ron Paul Designs:

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