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Sept 11, 2001: Eulogy for my Father

In memory of Jack Kennedy, my father.

I buried my father on September 11, 2001. I never did a eulogy that day because of grief and shock of his death and the circumstances, so I am doing one today.

My father was intelligent. He had a master’s degree in physics, worked in aerospace before the big layoffs in the 70s, and was widely knowledgeable. He shared many interests that many would relate to. I remember watching early Star Trek shows with him, and boxing matches with him. My father was in general intelligent and creative.

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Let's all pray for Ron Paul who is fighting for all of us tonight

Ron Paul will be on that stage for all of us. He is amongst wolves that would kill him if they had the chance.

He will be alone, seemingly, but he will walk with God and he will have the support of all of us carrying him forward.

If you believe in God please pray for him.

If you do not believe in God please send him love and peace from a true heart.

Ron Paul is changing history not only for America but for the entire human race.

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Arguing the existence of God is a red herring, and detracts from the cause of liberty.

When the issue of God comes up there always seems to be a great divide among the believers and non-believers. This divide is a red herring. For true believers or true non-believers arguing the existence of God is tantamount to arguing the color of the sky, the conclusion is obvious and anyone trying to force the argument is trying to mislead you, hence the red herring.

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