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New song I just wrote "Too Many Washintons"

This is a song I just wrote today and I hope to record it soon. I thought I would put the lyrics up here and see what you all thought and what you get out of it because it has multiple meanings. Ron Paul 2012!

I hear it all the time

we're approaching the end of the line

and I'm one of those who agree

the numbers are there for those with willing eyes to see

I understand why some may argue the case

they're the fools to blame for everything that's taking place

they turn their backs to the wall

and it's enough for me to say to hell with it all

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Competing currencies

How would this work exactly? If we were to introduce competing currencies tomorrow wouldn't that lead to dismissal of the dollar which would result in chaos all over the world including the US.

Your thoughts?

I wish Ron Paul could explain this some time, it worries me that when he introduces things like this without explaining it properly that might intimidate or alienate voters.

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"History of Gold" US National Mining Assoc. 4K BC - 2K AD

Entry examples [Mark Twain notes bracketed]:

  • 4000 B.C. Eastern European area begins to use gold to fashion decorative objects. The gold was probably mined in the Transylvanian Alps or the Mount Pangaion area in Thrace.
  • 3000 B.C. The Sumer civilization of southern Iraq uses gold to create wide range of jewelry...

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