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The American Dream Film

Hello Daily Paul, wanted to share this link.It is and awesome animation about how we lost the American dream to the bankers and ending the fed.Tad Lumpkin brings us a great animation piece that brings forth the issues that we believe in here at the DP. We should share this and help the creators of this movie.


For Liberty


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Forbes: I Predict We Go Back to a Gold Standard After 2012

Wow, this is a pretty big deal. Forbes just predicted that the US will be returning to at least some form of a gold standard after 2012. He's said similar stuff in the past, but it's obvious the movement is picking up more steam.

Here's a link to the article where he says the following:

"We will return to a gold standard. It will be a modernized version of it but in essence, it'll be the basic principle that the dollar will remain constant with gold."

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CNBC poll: Return to a gold standard?

CNBC is asking "Do you support a return to something resembling the gold standard?"

Let them know at:



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Short video relating to Ron Paul's Message

Hello all I have been lurking around these forums for a while and figured that I would join when I had something to offer in relation to spreading Ron Paul's message. I created this short, lighthearted video in the hopes that it could be spread to individuals not already aware of the problems relating to the Federal Reserve and fiat money. Maybe something will click in their head after watching this; who knows.
If you like it feel free to spread it around; if not offer any suggestions you see fit.

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FLASHBACK : De Gaulle and The Gold Standard (Video)

FLASHBACK : De Gaulle and The Gold Standard (Video)

In 1965, former French president Charles De Gaulle called for an international return to the gold standard. De Gaulle said a monetary standard based on gold would keep government spending in check and prevent the sort of economic crisis we are now enduring at the hands of the money masters.

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Gold Standard with a Groove!

Continuing my quest to get my friends and family talking about Ron Paul with a new mini-series on money.

Evil Money Part 1:

Evil Money Part 2:

If you missed the revolution with a groove, check it out here:

Feel free to weigh in on the topics and suggest material for new posts. I am currently working on the morality of non-interventionism. I having a blast!

Ron Paul 2012! End the Fed! Legalize Freedom!

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