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Time To Tie Up Some Phone Lines With Truth

People, y'all need to start sending in questions, and making calls. The south is full of DemoRats and RINO's or Resnublicans as I call them.
Bob McLain
Great callers today, thanks ! Wednesday Cong. Jeff Duncan 4:30, Sen. Lindsay Graham 5:30. Thursday, Newt Gingrich, Friday Herman Cain.

Many are loving Cain here. that 9-9-9..In NC we pay 8% in SC I think its 7.5 and they want to pay 9? Talk about insanity.

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Lindsey Graham Holds a Who is Ron Paul? Blimp Ballon
Hot-Off-Press folks, Lindsey Graham endorses Ron Paul!

by SCHotline Reports

Yes true that, you saw it here first. Our sources tell SCHotine that Liberty-Activist Brian Frank was simply tooling around in a parking lot outside of the APP’s Palmetto Freedom Forum, minding his own business when the good Senator insisted quite rudely our sources do say, upon a picture with the famed activist Mr. Frank.

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