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Can someone help me post a cool picture on daily paul

I have a great shot of a Ron Paul sticker on a really cool airplane, but am not computer savvy enough to post

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CNN - Ron Paul Kicks Off Another 'Money Bomb' - Great Article!

(CNN) - As someone who calls himself the "champion of the Constitution," GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul is celebrating Constitution Day with another one of his "money bomb" fundraisers.

The online event attempts to raise a large sum of cash in 24 hours, a tactic that's proved successful in the past for the Texas congressman.

While the campaign said they don't have a specific goal for Saturday, Paul raised $1.8 million from contributors during the last money bomb, held in August.

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Amazing new Ron Paul video!

Hey, just saw this incredible video on the revolution pac website and wanted to share:

Inspirational, it gives me goosebumps hope you enjoy

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