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Anybody from Nashville?

There is a Ron Paul party I just found out about on the 28th.

But also, I want to get a ton of us from Nashville together to start working together. I've never planned any sort of "activist event" so I have no experience, but if I had a few people to band together with, I think we could get a Nashville meet up going on. Hopefully this Ron Paul party on the 28th will be a good place to start making connections and figuring stuff out. Anybody interested?

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Question for meetup groups

Hello, everyone,
Recently a meetup group was created closer than the previous one. I joined because it was possible for me to attend it because of the closer proximity. I was thinking of starting my own but for now put that on hold.

Anyways my question mostly pertains to resource allocation. What is the best way(s) to spend money and what is the best way to use labor in the most efficient way. This is a new meetup group that has had one meeting (I did not attend; i was not aware of it's existence). I would like to pool the resources of the group to accomplish two goals.

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