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More Gibson Guitar Misery Plus RALLY on Oct. 8 info

Federal authorities are pressuring Nashville-based Gibson Guitar to hand over an additional 25 bundles of Indian wood that the company allegedly planned to use in its famous guitars.

The complaint was filed today in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee and mirrors a 2010 action that sought official forfeiture of wood obtained in a 2009 raid of Gibson facilities. The latter of those cases has been stayed, pending the outcome of the most recent suit.

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Update: Gibson CEO to Face FEDS

U.S. Justice Department officials have requested a meeting with Gibson Guitar owners next week, while in Congress lawmakers continue to ask why the factories and offices of the longtime manufacturer of prized guitars were raided on Aug. 24.

Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz said he will meet with federal officials in Nashville on Wednesday to discuss the raids. Juszkiewicz said he is unsure where the conversation will lead.

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Famous Artist Submits Ron Paul Les Paul Guitar Image

Famous artist just sent me his design for the Ron Paul Les Paul 2012 guitar.

Total class !!

And for those who are curious, here's what these "Gold Top" guitars sound like when played by the late, great Gary Moore:

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MA State Patrol Shut Down 12 Year Old's Green Tea Stand

add this to the growing list of blah blah you need a permit.. this stuff needs to be changed.

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Video: CEO Responds to Raid on Gibson Guitars in Nashville

A must watch video for all Ron Paul supporters.

This guy should be a Ron Paul supporter. He mentions the constitution and calling congress - though concern folks may have because they might get shot. He has defied the armed agents orders to shut down. He has his workers continuing manufacture at risk of being busted - this guy rocks ... You have to listen to the q&a which is the bulk of this video. Good stuff.

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