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Phone Polls are Obsolete, Ron Paul is the Real Front Runner

This is inspired by a great comment left on the sunshinenews website announcing the Iowa and New Hampshire Primary Polls.

by Richard "These where Phone polls of people registered Rep. Only old people have phones now adays everyone uses a cell and most people dont answer random calls. These polls show nothing because of the out dated system used to track results.

Ron Paul is the real front runner, only one i hear every one talking about and supporting.

Ron Paul 2012!! "

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Ron Paul Skydiving Event in NH

Haven't seen this video posted yet. The skydive was rained out, but the speeches went on.

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New Hampshire Party Change Deadline 10/14

The deadline for New Hampshire Democrats to register Undeclared or Republican is Friday, October 14.

Only Undeclared and registered Republicans are eligible to vote in New Hampshire's Republican primary.

Encourage Democrats to register Republican and if they are hesitant, tell them they can register Undeclared and still have the option to vote in the Republican primary if they later change their mind.

You can check your voter registration by calling your city clerk and you can change party affiliation at your city clerk.

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Ron Educates Hostile Audience in NH

Apparently Ron was met with a slightly hostile audience in NH on Friday where he had to defend his views in a town-hall setting. It seems that Ron did a good job defending himself, but shows that we still have a lot of work to do.

Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy View Attacked

“If we bring all the troops home some people think the terrorists will say, ‘America isn’t so bad after all and we are not going to try to kill civilians anyone,’” one woman said. “Anyone who thinks that is off his rocker.”

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Ron Paul Takes a Bike Ride in N.H. — Sans Helmet, Of Course

Read More:

By Elizabeth Williamson

CONCORD, N.H.–In a move that epitomized his philosophy of personal liberty and individual choice, politician-physician Ron Paul suspended his presidential campaign Friday for a bike ride–without a helmet.

Republican presidential candidate, U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas takes a break from the presidential campaign to go for a bike ride Friday, Sept. 30, 2011 in Concord, N.H. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)

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Ron Paul making $1Million Early State Ad Buy

By DAN HIRSCHHORN | 9/22/11 6:01 AM EDT

Ron Paul is launching a three-week, $1 million ad buy on Thursday, the biggest so far of his presidential campaign, POLITICO has learned.

The buy will include three different spots on national cable and local broadcast in the early-voting states. Paul’s campaign believes the ads will boost its chances of getting into the first tier of GOP hopefuls while his polling remains strong and the other candidates are not yet on the air.

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New Hampshire Poll: Ron Paul in Second Place, Leads Rick Perry

The latest poll out of New Hampshire shows Texas congressman Ron Paul in second place, trailing Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

A poll conducted by Suffolk University/7NEWS shows Mr. Paul trailing Mr. Romney, 41 percent to 14 percent. The poll is the latest to find support for the Texas congressman, who is now seen as top-tier candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.

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Leap For Liberty: Skydivers Will Kick Off Event For Ron Paul Next Week

Skydivers will jump from a helicopter over Derry on Sept. 29 for an aerial display and then land in a residential yard, highlighting a special question-and-answer session about the future of the nation with Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.

"When you sky dive, ultimately, you take responsibility for yourself. There's a reward, but also risk," Erica Layon said. "That's the essence of Paul; if people expect to have rewards, they should be willing to take risk."

Skydiving is self-regulated, she said, not mandated.

"It's about self-government for those people who choose to participate in it. It's strange how it really dovetails," she said. "You need to look out the door yourself, make sure it's safe. Ultimately, it's your responsibility, although you rely on those around you."

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Support for RP in New Hampshire and at Hillsdale College! - 2 great articles published today

Kevin Kervick has been writing some great stuff in the Manchester Independent Examiner (New Hampshire):

It looks like Hillsdale College might be starting to recover from it's long affliction of neoconservatism. A bright young sophomore helps to shed some light:

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Health care: Give me liberty or give me death

I received the clip from the Tea Party debate on 9/12/11 where two fools cheer at the notion of a man dying on the street with no health insurance -- embarrassing indeed. On the other hand are we willing to risk death to have liberty or not? Taking personal responsibility or insisting that the government take care of us from cradle to grave (which of course will eventually mean either keeping us alive forever or having a death panel)... KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT, PEOPLE! "Give me liberty or give me death" is the state motto of Gov. Romney's state of New Hampshire adopted as late as 1945.

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Ron Paul Gains Endorsement of Two More New Hampshire State Representatives

Ron Paul Gains Endorsement of Two More New Hampshire State Representatives

MANCHESTER, N.H. – New Hampshire State Representatives Mark Warden (Hillsborough, District 7) and Tammy Simmons (Hillsborough, District 17) today announced their endorsement of Congressman Ron Paul for the 2012 GOP nomination for president.

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Ron Paul on New Hampshire's News Radio AM 610 with Paul Westcott - August 25, 2011

Ron Paul on New Hampshire's News Radio AM 610 with Paul Westcott - August 25, 2011

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Ron Paul: 'I'd Be a Good Whistleblower' [VIDEO]

The Texas congressman chatted policy with residents at a private house party in Rye on Thursday.

In Ron Paul's eyes, the United States’ current problems are "much bigger than just a few people" and their ideas, although the Texas congressman said Thursday he hopes he can lead a philosophical shift, if elected president, that can solve those problems.

Paul spoke at a private house party on Pioneer Road in Rye Thursday night to roughly 40 area residents, mainly trying to convey the idea that the nation needs to stop "floundering around" and shift its priorities.

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TIME: Ron Paul, The Prophet

"Twilight descends in new Hampshire as an old man climbs onto his soapbox. LIBERTY: TOO BIG TO FAIL reads a banner hanging in the jam-packed tent."

Read more:,9171,2090364,00....

For those of you with TIME subscriptions, feel free do read the entire article. For those of us without subscriptions, I think a nice return on site traffic should boost this article onto the front pages...

In liberty,

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